Reasons to use our solutions

Why choose Edgeplus?


We build strong relationships with our clients in all targeted markets


We are easily accessible and quick to reach both online and offline


We are always developing and seeking new pathways ways to improve existing system

Team Work

Our team are of multi-disciplinary, multi-tasking backgrounds

Result Oriented

No matter how constrained your budget is our tailored solutions are still impactful


Our services are cost effective and guarantees total reduction in overall operational cost


We employ practical and hands-on approach that are easily adaptable to your immigration, travels and business needs


We constantly keep abreast of latest immigration, travels information technology and solutions to cope with today’s business need


We Leverage on our industry knowledge to ensure practical approach in all our service and solutions delivery

Quality Of Service

To ensure our integrity is maintained we employ various monitoring and evaluation tools to helps retain our company’s standard and clients’ trust


Lastly, value for money is 100% guaranteed

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Who We Are

Edge Plus Consult is a Traveling, training and Consulting firm based in Lagos providing training and consultancy services in the areas of Canadian Permanent Residency, Australian Permanent Residency, Local and international flight booking, travel and tours, Business Development and Analysis, Market Research and other value-added services.

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