As birth rates falls and aging population increase in the developed world, immigrants with desired skills and experience are increasingly sorted after to keep the economy afloat. Since 2005, immigrants account for about 50 percent of the US workforce and 70 per cent in Europe. The United States and UK used to be one of the top primary destinations for migrants, but with strict laws on immigration in the past years, there has been an increasing interest to other countries like Canada and Australia. Surprisingly most people are still unaware or sometimes confused and overwhelmed by the vast amount of information they get about the immigration process for both countries.

If you are considering migrating to Canada or Australia to become a permanent resident, you are not just creating a new future for yourself but also for all your future generations. Your grandchildren and great grandchildren will have the benefits of growing up in a modern progressive society and having better life! so the moral of the story is to consider seeking professional guidance and advice from a qualified and tested source.

Why you should consider us at EdgePlus Solutions and Consult

Proven Result: our client based is mainly driven by referrals from earlier clients who have benefited from our result.

Experience: With our level of experience, we understand the trend and the dynamics that enable us to advise you on the best immigration program based on your situation.

Go the extra mile: If something goes wrong during your application process we go the extra mile for you — no matter who is at fault — and try our best to get your application back on track.

Resources Pool: We have access to a variety of tools and information to help you get through potential obstacles during the entire process.

Integrity: Our actions are consistent with our words, clear communication and relationship that fosters trust.

We save you money: Based on our partner relationship we are able to save you money in various areas of the application process.

Value-Adds: There are a lot of value-adds that our clients get to enjoy with us.

Transparency: We see our clients as part of our team, we get them involved in the process in a way that fosters transparency at all levels. Moreover, since we’re not affiliated with any third party, we work with and for the client!

Because we care: We are a team of smart, fun, knowledgeable and understanding individuals with one thing in common: we are passionate about helping people and making sure they get value for their money.

When you choose us, we would help you find the best way through the immigration maze and guide you through the whole process.