Edge Plus Consult is a Training and Consulting firm based in Lagos providing training and consultancy services in the areas of Web Design and Development, Multimedia Production, Digital Marketing, Enterprise Content Management, Data Management, Customer Relationship Management, SME Promotions, Brand Management, Business Development and Analysis, Market Research and other value added services.

Our approach is first by examining your company, products, services, clients, employees, prospects and market place with unbiased eyes and then combining our expertise in the different areas of IT services in providing you with a services & solution that represents your organization or idea. Our recommended solutions are based on empirical evidence and experience of our staff. We have a strong passion for excellence, and therefore ensure your business succeeds through our innovative, flexible and tailored business approach. We work as a team of professionals made of unique individuals from diverse areas of business, amassed experience and a strong passion for delivering high impact services that communicate corporate personality.

We place our client’s interest first and work in partnership to develop their people and organization through learning and consultancy. Whatever the approach, our bottom line is fashioning a cost effective sustainable solution to our client’s.


Our Mission

To provide our clients with the latest, most innovative, cost effective and professional business consultancy services aimed at optimizing business operations and performances.


Our Vision

To become a number one household name in the Training and Business Consulting industry both locally and regionally



Our Company philosophy

Our corporate philosophies are combining professionalism, excellent customer oriented management and operations with a continuous effort to expand our existing markets and creating new market strategy, commitment to care for our clients incorporated to all levels of our business.


Our Promise

Our brand’s promise is to provide you ‘an edge to leverage on’ with every experience you have with us.